Our Experties

In the last few decades, E & P landscape has undergone dramatic changes. New exploration ventures have been initiated in difficult & challenging frontier areas calling for application of new concepts and technologies, International competitive bidding for exploration locks and producing properties has shown remarkable upward swing. There is aggressive competition between E & P companies. 

The hunt for Oil & Gas is expanding to unprecedented levels. Now we are in the midst of a firm upswing phase and the industry appears to be expanding at an aggressive but reasonably controlled pace. Prospects inventories are getting drilled. Play boundaries are being tested and pushed to new directions. Lease sale activity has touched new heights. 

Ever since the launch of National Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) in 1998, there has been intense competitive bidding for exploration blocks and till date almost 200 blocks have been awarded in seven rounds of bidding and in the recently held Seventh round of bidding 44 blocks have been awarded. At present, nearly 15 private E & P companies are operating in different blocks. 

The current pace of E & P activity calls for the active role of consultants and experts with vast experience in different E & P domains to provide consultancy services to the operating companies. 

We, at G B Petro Consultants have an excellent team of Geologists, Geophysicts and Petrophysicist Reservoir Engineers, Drilling and Production Engineers with vast professional experience, who can undertake consultancy jobs related to multifarious E & P activities like evaluation of exploration blocks and producing properties for bidding activities, preparation of bid documents, processing and interpretation of Seismic data, Subsurface analysis of drilled data for preparation of exploration plans, resource appraisal, problems related to reservoir analysis, preparation of programs for exploratory wells and problems related to Oil/Gas production, enhanced oil recovery and other jobs related to well repairs and rehabilitation.