GBP is in the field of providing consultancy for the making of Axle mounted disc brake system for all AC(EOG), AC(SG), Power Car and Double Decker and Non-AC types of LHB design coaches with LHB shell fitted with FIAT Bogies having twin pipes graduated release compressed air brake system for operation on BG (1676mm) system on Indian Railways. 
GBP is developing design/drawing of the disc brake equipments based on the technical and performance requirements given in the specifications coupled with sound engineering practice. And further to get the final drawing with technical data and calculations duly approved by the RDSO.


At GBP our team has earned good experience in providing expertise to corporations in various capacities in drilling operations related to Oil/Gas production and enhanced oil recovery and other jobs related in well repairs and rehabilitation and associated problems in different
sedimentary basins of India. We also work on evaluation of exploration blocks and producing properties for bidding activities, preparation of bid documents, processing and interpretation of Seismic data Subsurface analysis of drilled data for preparation of exploration and drilling plans, resource appraisal and problems related to drilling and reservoir analysis and for preparation of programs for drilling exploratory wells.