About Us

GB Petro was a creation of Late Shri A. L. Gupta in the year 2009 in Dehradun, bringing together a likeminded team of Geologists, Geophysicts and Petrophysicists including Reservoir Engineers, Drilling and Production Engineers with long professional experience, who can undertake consultancy jobs related to multifarious E & P activities like Evaluation of exploration blocks and producing properties for bidding activities, preparation of bids documents, processing and interpretation of Seismic data, Subsurface analysis of drilled data for preparation of exploration plans, resource appraisal, problems related to reservoir analysis, preparation of programs for exploratory wells and problems related to Oil/Gas, production, enhanced oil recovery and other jobs related to well repairs and rehabilitation.

GB Petro is located on Chakrata Road in an area of about 2500 square meters. GB Petro was established in 2009 to provide consultancy to Oil Companies for new technologies and providing analytical data for rehabilitation of sick oil wells. GBP is managed by technocrats on a day to day basis and has 25+ employees in all.

The main thrust at the time of conception was to provide consultancy to Oil Companies for new technologies and providing analytical data for rehabilitation of sick oil wells. Within months, GBP earned a professional recognition from M/s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation being one of the prominent Oil & Gas Companies in India, in the field of initiation of new exploration ventures in difficult & challenging frontier areas calling for application of new concepts and technologies. After having established its existence in the Oil & Gas sector, the company further entered into the most exclusive area of providing quality consultancy on technology and design development of new products to Railways and Defence sector, to its group company M/s G B Springs Pvt. Ltd. and M/s G B Equipment Systems Ltd. The company is now matured to provide the best professional services to its client in addressing to any situations, be it procuring orders to the extent of completion of the same.

GBP looks after sales and marketing of its own group companies that is M/s G B Springs Pvt. Ltd. & M/s G B Equipment Systems pvt. Ltd. GBP has offices in all Metro Station Cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow, Jammu, Jabalpur etc. for co-ordination with our valued customers. GBP provides the best quality to our esteemed customers and stays ahead of time and technology. GBP, also has an excellent techno commercial team which works in the Railways and Defense for identifying products requiring indesignation and the same are being developed with Group Companies, GBS & GBE respectively which helps saving of forex outgo. GBP provide consultancy to Railways and defense for adopting new and latest technologies.