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GBE produces air springs jointly with ZEMT of CARS, China of various types. The most popular production range of Air Spring is for passenger coaches. The product range is as under: 

S.No.Air Spring TypeReference StandardView Standards
1Air Spring Assembly( 180 KN Capacity) For higher capacity loads used on EMU/DMU Coaches for ICF Type BogiesC-K406-Rev. – 3C-K406 Rev.-3
2Air Spring Assembly (140 KN) for Main Line/ Rajdhani Coaches for ICF Type Bogies and Main Lane/Rajdhani LHB Coaches for FIAT Type BogiesC-K509, Rev. -3C-K 509, Rev.-3
3Higher Capacity Air Spring Assembly for LHB Coaches having FIAT Bogies (160 KN Capacity)RDSO/2017/CG-03RDSO/2017/CG-03
4Air Spring Assembly (120 KN Capacity) For MainLine / Rajdhani LHB Coaches for FIAT Type BogiesC-K508. Rev. -2C-K508 Rev.-2

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